04202022_Press Release _BHCPH Lead-Based Paint Regulation



April 20, 2022

Contact: Black Hawk County Health Department



Black Hawk County Health Department

Announces Public Hearing Discussing the Adoption of Lead-Based Paint Regulation


The Black Hawk County Board of Health announces a Public Hearing to address the adoption of a Lead-Based Paint Regulation. This meeting will beheld at 7:30 AM, April 27, 2022, at the Pinecrest Building, 1407Independence Ave. 4t Floor, Room 420. This hearing will be held ate beginning of the regularly scheduled Board of Health meeting. The public is invited to attend and this hearing, to ask questions, and to share comments or concerns regarding this regulation. To attend via Zoom:


Key components of the proposed Lead-Based Paint Hazard regulation changes include:

1.   Use of current county regulation format and use of correct naming conventions.

2.   Recommend that the regulation be recognized under the Title 8 Health and Safety designation, specifically Chapter 8.30.

3.    Content changes include:

a.   Increased number of pertinent definitions: thirty term definitions versus the previous fourteen

b.   Increased applicability: clearer guidelines on when and how to pursue assessments

c.    Robust lead hazard reduction requirements; increased detail in several areas, specific hazards, effective mitigation practices, and prohibited methods of hazard reduction

d.   Clear compliance and enforcement procedures, adoption of current Black Hawk County procedure for enforcement

e.   Additional protections for tenants

f.     Updated regulatory language for hearings, variance requests, and for the filing of injunctions.


For any questions regarding the adoption of this Lead-Based Paint Regulation, please call the Black Hawk County Health Department at 319-291-2413.